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The new blog site is http://www.guasax.com/blog/


Guasax Flex Framework

After some weeks of work we are ready to present Guasax.

Guasax is a programming framework to develop Flex applications behing the model-view-controller paradigm.

With guasax we try to truly decouple presentation and data/business logic tiers proposing a way to carry on our Flex code organization around reusable components to simplify us the “what we have to program in each site and how we can invoke it” decission, mantaining a clearly-identifiable and even predictable code in a collaborative programming environment.On the other hand, guasax is minimally intrusive because our classes are totally reusable outside the framework.

Conceptually, guasax contributes to Flex with utilities and functionalities in the same way than Struts 2.0 does to web programming, so Struts and MVC frameworks developers are hoped to make themselves at home. In the same way, guasax has similarities with Cairngorm 2.1, mainly more in the problem to resolve than in the way to resolve.

For a more detailed introduction we have prepared this presentation

You can get info, source code, examples, wiki and more resources in guasax`s google code.Guasax is an open project
licensed under LGPL license.

Also we have created a website (development nearly finished. coming Soon…) and a blog fully focused to guasax, where you will find examples, real use cases, documentation, forums, etc.

Firstly, all resources in both googlecode and website will be available in English, but absolutely, all about written documentation, articles, tutorials, etc. will be available in Spanish too.

In next posts we are going to publish examples, from simplest to more complex, using fully FDS and resolving common problems during the development process and how guasax can carry on them.

We hope you found this information useful. We are glad to get your feedback.

Guasax team.

Welcome post

Welcome to the guasax flex framework , an engine to improve your Flex RIA applications.

We hope that you find this framework useful.

Stay tuned to guasax: New material coming soon.

Guasax team.